Dr Maria Belluccio At Lotus Path Wellness Center, our mission is to guide you on your journey to obtain optimum health naturally through a balanced blend of treatments and education. We are conveniently located in the Carrollwood section of Tampa, Florida.

How Does This System Work? It has been scientifically determined that human beings are actually unique bio-energetic systems. For thousands of years, Oriental Medicine has acknowledged that there is a vital life force that flows through all things which is called “Qi”. In the west, it is often referred to as “energy”.

Energy (Qi) flows along pathways in the human body, which are related to the organs and the tendo-muscular system. When the balance of this energy is disturbed, pain or illness results. This can be due to trauma, poor diet, medications, stress, hereditary conditions, environmental factors, or excessive emotional issues. Oriental Medicine focuses on correcting these energetic imbalances by breaking up any obstruction and encouraging an even flow of Qi, which stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


We are located at 3642 Madaca Lane. Click on the map below to get directions:

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